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Welcome to the tap & die section of our shop. LPR Toolmakers are specialists when it comes to taps & dies, and have one of the largest ranges available in Australia.

All our taps & dies are great quality, however we give you options to help you decide which material quality is right for your job. Our default range of taps & dies are made from high quality Carbon Steel, however if you are needing a bit more bang for your buck, we offer High Speed Steel taps & dies for majority of our range.

Our range is vast, so if you are having trouble locating the correct type & size of tap or die you need, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will see how we can help you with what you need.

 Tap & Die Range:

  BA  |  BRASS |  BSCY |  BSF |  BSP |  BSPT  |  BSW  |  ME |  Metric |  NPT |  Special Threaded |  UNC  |  UNF


For some of our tap & die range, you can choose between purchasing the single type of thread you need or for more value you can elect to purchase the tap in a set of 3. These 3 piece sets include the taper, intermediate & plug taps. 

Taper:  8 - 10 leads of thread used for starting new threads

Intermediate:  Less tapered, 4 - 5 leads,  used to follow a Taper tap or for restoring threads

Bottoming: Very little taper 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 leads, so will cut a new thread to the bottom of a blind hole, but the lack of taper makes starting a new thread difficult.


0-10 BA Tap and Die HSS 44pc Set

$299.95 $285.95

44pc B.A TAP DIES SET  These sets are made up for us now available to our customers at an affordable price.  British association Tap & Dies are used mainly these days by the Model Engineer I would like to offer our customers...

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