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Customer & Reseller FAQ's

LPR Tools & Reseller Enquiries: 


Do you offer re-seller discounts? For one-off purchases, low quantity purchases, no.


Do you offer discounts for bulk qty purchases? Yes, depending on the item & our stock levels. Discussed on a case by case basis.


LPR Toolmakers has been retailing & offering services since 1984, operating primaraly as a B2C (Business to Consumer) company. Our business model is not set-up to operate under a B2B (Business to Business) model.

Many agents / companies approach us through email or phone requesting to purchase an item on the basis to re-sell to another consumer. We are of course interested in conducting business with other businesses, however there are certain conditions and limitations that dictate whether we can facilitate a reseller's discount. Below are some bullet points on the types of requests we commonly receive and decline:


  • If you have not purchased from us before and is a one off
  • Is a one off with the 'possibility of more in the future'
  • If the quantity is insignificant / low 
  • If the overall value of the transaction is insignificant / low
  • Our current stocks are able to faciliate the sale
  • Current discounts (visible & backend) already applied

We do not have a minimum order value or quantity, overall we are just trying to filter out the requests from companies that are not legitimately looking to establish a business relationship; instead finding a solution to fill a gap. Also note that we do not have accounts for anyone. Payment is required upfront before goods are dispatched - this is the same for even our closest & oldest customers.


LPR Toolmakers is a small family owned operation. We brand our own products with APRICA as-well as sell other branded or generic tooling. All products are carefully sourced from around the world and are passed through quality control & operational / functionality tests before we put them up for sale.

Over the years, we have nurtured healthy business relationships with our suppliers which enables us to supply our customers with a quality product for a price that does not burn a hole in the wallet. Alot of effort goes into building up a reliable supply chain - not just crunching the numbers. Our business model may be unique compared to other larger companies, however these are the terms we have always operated under and we welcome new customers with arms wide open.

We hope this answers any questions a re-seller reading this might have and we welcome you to email or phone us up if you have any further enquiries.


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