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15pc Valve Seat Cutter Set

$259.95 $249.95

    POST FREE   Restorers tool vintage cars Bikes and old engines 15 PC VALVE SEAT CUTTERS not suited modern engines that have hardened seats THIS SET IS MADE FROM CARBON STEEL, only to be used on Cast Iron or Alloy Seats; they will...

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25pc Dapping Block Set - 2.3mm to 25mm

$179.95 $139.95

     FREE SHIPPING!!! 25pc Doming Punch Set RRP $179.95 Doming Punches are great for forming soft metals for the following applications: Jewellery Making, Coin Makers, Metalsmiths, Goldsmiths Shapes, Forms and Chases Made from...

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3-1/2" Slotted Angle Plate

$64.95 $59.95

PRECISION CAST IRON SLOTTED ANGLE PLATES Used for quick mounting fixtures for machine set-up, layout, or inspection.Manufactured from good quality seasoned casting.Properly hardened & ground from all the sides.Properly Machined 900 Square. Size:...

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3pc Centre Square Kit 1.1/2" & 3"

$77.95 $68.95

     FREE SHIPPING!!! 3PC CENTRE SQUARE SET  Locate the Center of your work piece without complex calculations. 2 sizes included: 38mm (1.1/2") and 75mm (3") + CARBIDE TIPPED SCRIBE FOR MARKING Made of precision ground steel...

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$71.95 $61.95

      $4.00 fixed shipping! 4 x TOOLMAKERS PARALLEL CLAMP 3" Normally $18.00 each these little clamps are ideal for the workshop.     HARDENDED AND TEMPERED JAWS.   CLAMPS EQUIPPED WITH SPRING SCREW CLIPS...

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4-1/2" Slotted Angle Plate

$89.95 $79.95

PRECISION CAST IRON SLOTTED ANGLE PLATE Used for quick mounting fixtures for machine set-up, layout, or inspection. Manufactured from good quality seasoned casting. Properly hardened & ground from all the sides. Properly Machined...

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5 Piece Precision Centre Finding Kit

$135.75 $99.95

          FREE SHIPPING   Precision Centre Finding Kit   What you get: Centre and Wriggler Finder Set $34.95 WRIGGLER & CENTER FINDER SET * Very useful tool for locating application points on milling...

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5pc Screw/Bolt Extractor Kits

$39.95 $24.95

   FREE SHIPPING!!!   Introducing a new LPR Toolmakers developed product!    The 5pc HSS Screw/Bolt Extractor Kit A brilliant way to get out those broken screws, this screw extractor kit is designed by LPR Toolmakers...

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