HSS Taper Pin & Spiral Reamers

What are parallel & spiral fluted hand reamers?

The front of these reamers are tapered to allow the reamer to penetrate a hole. Flutes can be spiralled or straight. These are used to create accurate / precision holes and discard material away from the hole.

How to use spiral / tapered reamers:

1. Use a vice to secure your work
2. Drill a hole a fraction smaller than you ultimatelly want to make into your work
3. Remove the drill bit without moving the table
4. Place a centre in the drill and place the reamer in the whole with the centre on the centre hole of the reamer.
5. Using a parallel reamer, make the hole bigger.
6. Turning in a clockwise direction, use a spanner to turn the reamer, even while withdrawing it
7. Your desired hole sized will be 100% accurate.


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