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Welcome to the Clearance specials for LPR Toolmakers ranges of Taps & Dies. In here you will find the following:

- Broken up sets

- Old Stock clearances

- One off Tap and die specials

- Common & Uncommon (Hard to source) threads

We've designed this area to offer more flexibility in our range of Taps and Dies by offering special deals on various sizes and threads of Taps & Dies of old stock or broken up sets. Please note most if not all of these are limited deals, some items we may have more than one in stock, others only one off. So be sure to check this section when looking for taps & dies on our site.

5/8" x 16 UN Inter Tap (HSS)

$59.95 $44.95

5/8" x 16 UN Inter Tap (HSS) Quality HSS Inter Tap, left over stock before we starting getting out Arpica Branded taps and dies up.   They are not rubbish, these are our old line for this size UN tap in HSS. We've sold many of these back before...

Out of stock

5mm x 0.8 (3pc Tap Set & Die Combo) HSS

$64.95 $34.95

M5 x .8 Tap Set & Die Combo HSS The Tap set is unbranded The Die is 13/16" OD and is also unbranded Both are ex-stock we used to sell the same Tap Sets for $37.95 and the Dies for $27.95 They are not rubbish, these are our old line for Metric...

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