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Tap Magic - Cutting / Tapping Fluid (16 Ounce Bottle)

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Tap Magic 16oz Bottle

Highly effective for drilling, tapping, milling - all cuts on all metals. This is the fluid to have when you don't know what cut or what metal tomorrow may bring One small drop on your cutting Tool , Like a Tap or drill , even your Lathe tool bits goes a long way , saves Tool life less breakage, easy to disperse in container.
  • Cutting and tapping fluids are used for cooling and lubricating during the cutting or forming of a screw thread in a hole or part by means of a tap. These fluids can be material specific during high performance applications.
  • Semi-synthetic fluids are made from a blend of mineral oils and synthetic additives. They offer good to superior performance in most metals and high performance applications. Semi-synthetic fluids can be used as an economical alternative to synthetic fluids.
Also available in 4oz Tin
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