VIP Customers

Welcome to the LPR Toolmakers Customer VIP Section as you can see below there are 3 different types of VIP Status' Bronze, Silver and Gold. We like to reward returning customers for their continued support of our website and this is a way we like to thank you for helping us maintain it.

Please note these status' are awarded manually which means once you go over the $300, $600 or $1,000 mark in purchases your account will be upgraded to reflect your next order.

For example if you have already brought $50.00 off the site in your first order and your next order you place you purchase $260.00 worth of goods then your account won't be credited until your next order. Same applies if you order $301.00 on your first order and so forth you are not elligle to receive the discounted rate.

Please also note that freight costs don't count towards your total purchases. Once you receive a VIP status your account will be upgraded and you will recieve an email to inform you of your achievement!

Lastly these discount are for this website's use only, Ebay or do not count. To Register for an LPR Toolmakers account click on the link: Create an Account

We hope you understand this information and if you have any questions please email me @ .

Thanks guys.

Updated 17-04-2014