MODEL MARINE STEAM book A4 size 144 pages by Stan Bray

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MODEL MARINE STEAM book A4 size 144 pages by Stan Bray

This book provides all the information any ship modeller interested in powering a model boat using live steam will need.

It offers both the basic theory covering the steam power plant and fully detailed drawings for the construction of simple and advanced steam engines, boilers and ancillary equipment. There has been a huge growth in interest in live steam-powered model boats in recent years, but modellers have endured a dearth of practical construction drawings for suitable steam plants. Here, the author covers many types of engine from simple oscillating cylinder types to piston and poppet valve engines and the application of radio control to the management of the boiler and engine. It covers a formerly neglected area of model marine publishing and is packed with full-size drawings and detailed information.With its brand new foreword by the editors of Popular Mechanics and the original, elegant line art from the 1919 text, this essential course will be treasured by would-be artists of any age.

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