Dividing (Harold Hall)

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  • Dividing (Harold Hall)
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Dividing Book (104 pages)

By Harold Hall


It covers the subject of Dividing, dealing with the many methods that can be adopted: from simple applications without specialized equipment to the use of a semi-universal dividing head and a rotary table. The mathematical aspects of dividing are also covered but at a level that will be understood easily by a model engineer.

Dividing equipment is relatively expensive, so two fully-detailed designs are included for dividing heads: a basic unit and the equivalent of a commercial semi-universal head. If fear of the unknown is all that is preventing you from embarking on the satisfying hobby of model engineering, then this is the book that will banish your concerns. Author Harold Hall has established his reputation as a mentor to tyro model engineers through the pages of Model Engineers' Workshop, of which he was the editor for a number of years.

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