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Slow Postage System: How to get your stuff as quick as possible

Slow Postage System: How to get your stuff as quick as possible

As you may already be aware first hand or from the news or other second hand sources, Australia Post is currently extremly overloaded with parcels due to the up-tick in online ordering since the start of the Pandemic.

This is a short guide to help you decide what is the best option if you require something urgently. Due to our location being classified as Rural, our postage options are limited to Australia Post, Australia Post Express & Toll Courier Overnight & Off-Peak Service.

Majority of all orders placed with us before 3PM are posted out each day - dependent on how easy the order is to pick from the warehouse and package up safely. We prioritise all Express & Toll Courier orders in the case of an overload of orders (Sometimes this can occur on Monday's with us) - however we generally get everything out on the same day without an issue.

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Australia Post Standard Post:

This is the standard / default postage method and costs the least out of each option. Depending on your location, you may experience delays ranging from a couple days to even 2-3 weeks. This is totally dependent on your location, your sorting center & your local post office. Some people may not even experience any notice-able delays at all, however based on our observations, there is definately delays happening. Estimated delivery times range from 4 to 21 business days.

AUSTRALIA POST EPARCEL/EXPRESS POST – My Delicious Cake & Decorating  Supplies

Australia Post Express Post:

This is our recommended option if you are after something within a week or so. This is also the cheapest option especially for any packages over 3KG. The Express Post service is still subject to the same hurdles that Australia Post's standard post system is experiencing - however (depending on your location) the delays are much less and Australia Post of course prioritise Express parcels over standard parcels. Estimated delivery times range from 2 to 5 business days.

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Toll Courier Overnight:

This is our highly recommended option if you are after something under 3KG as soon as possible. Why the 3KG limit? Because no matter your location - there is a fixed rate for 500 gram, 1KG & 3KG parcels. When the parcel is above 3KG - the price is totally un-predictable and is totally dependent on your location.

As an example, a 2.9kg parcel from Victoria to W.A will cost $19.95.

A 3.1kg parcel from Victoria to W.A could cost anywhere between $41 & $55 - therefore we are unable to predict and code it into our postage calculator.

Another example, a 2.9kg parcel from Victoria to Victoria will cost $19.95, but a 3.1kg parcel could cost anywhere between $22 to $35.

This of course means that the heavier your parcel is - the more pricier the Overnight service is. Once the parcel surpasses 5kg, the prices increase more and more dependent on your location.

Toll's services seem to be running quite fine, it is advertised as an overnight service but this is not always the case. Our estimated delivery times are between 1 to 3 business days for Toll Overnight. 1-2 business days is more common, however estimate an extra day incase of any service interruptions due to Coronavirus.

If you are not sure whether your parcel is under 3kg,

or you wish to get an accurate quote for a Toll

Overnight order, please give us a call or send us an

email before placing your order.

Any orders placed that are over 3kg but the shipping

fee paid from the website calculator is below the 

actual shipping cost , we will contact you to discuss

the option of sending it by Express Post, Toll Off-Peak

or paying the difference and sending it by overnight.

Toll Courier Off Peak:

If you do not wish to go through Australia Post - however your parcel is over 3kg and the shipping quote provided is too high, our other option is to send your parcel through Toll Off-Peak. The price is significantly lower than the overnight service - however you will recieve your parcel a few days quicker than Australia Post's standard service. We highly recommend this service for all parcels over 3kg - for both price & delivery times it works out to be the best option. Estimated delivery times for Toll-Off peak are between 3 to 12 business days.

Final Verdict:


Need it urgently: (Parcel Under 3kg) TOLL COURIER OVERNIGHT

     Need it urgently: (Parcel Over 3kg) AUSTRALIA POST EXPRESS

     Need it urgently: (Parcel Over 3kg) AUSTRALIA POST EXPRESS (Large Parcels From 3kg to 35kg) TOLL


28th Sep 2021

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